We drop a free mocktail a month around here, so get muddling already!

photo of a Scurvy Sour mocktail

Scurvy Sour

Let’s be clear. This citrus-forward sour won’t give you scurvy, but it sure will stop you from getting it. Because, in a world gone mad, who needs to worry about bulging eyeballs and rickets on top of everything else?

Turmeric Thyme Apple Pie

It’s true, people will probably mock you if you cave and order that snuggie you’ve had your eye on. This drink feels just as cozy, and is less of a crime against fleece and humanity.

Moonrise Over
Plum Bay

Put your pinky ring up to the moon, you bougie bastard! This is a drink for one of those silk pyjama days, when all you want is to do the New York Times crossword in bed while listening to public radio.

Reasons to make a mocktail:

You’re taking the night, week or month off

You’re on antibiotics

You’re pregnant

You’re allergic to alcohol

You’re doing a fitness challenge

You don’t like how alcohol tastes

You have sober guests coming over

Your tap water tastes like chlorine and pennies

You have a big drug test to pass and you can’t find clean urine on the black market

Your dog has been giving you really judgy looks lately

You’re worried about getting kidney stones

You’re a total badass

About the Author

JoAnne H. Pearce is an Edmonton-based graphic designer and marketing consultant, who started making mocktails as a way to keep her hands busy every day at 5pm during a 90 day alcohol-free challenge. The habits stuck — both of living sober and inventing mocktails — and this first edition of ‘Mock-Ups’ is the result.

She encourages anybody to give up drinking for a spell if they are curious. It can have some surprising results and lead to unexpected destinations, but this project is really just a way to encourage people to get creative in the kitchen, not only with their food but also with their drinks. We all deserve to treat our tongues and tummies to delicious and surprising things, and any endeavour — including a mocktail — should be approached with an open-hearted sense of humour and adventure.

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