Created by a graphic designer and sober-curious muddler. Looking for a grown-up alcohol-free option?
Let me mock that up for you…

Mock-Ups Spotlight

Check out this feature about the making of, and philosophy behind, Mock-Ups Mocktails.

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Mock Up your beverage game…

Ever wanted to take a break from the sauce, but fear being sidelined? Stuck with your sad little soda pop, no longer in on the big joke? This recipe manual will help you kick that FOMO to the curb. Learning how to make a good, complex beverage without leaning on the crutch of alcohol is an essential bartending and hosting skill, whether or not you drink. With fourteen original recipes, there’s something in this guide for every palate: sweet, sour, salty and bitter — just in time for the dregs of the bitterest season. Flavours you can expect include stone and pome fruits, liquorice, dandelion root, persimmon, cinnamon, fennel, spruce, ginger, bacon and even rutabaga.

In a culture obsessed with alcohol, choosing not to drink is about as counter-culture and punk rock as it gets. So go ahead, be a badass…

Why a Mocktail?

Move over, alcohol. There’s a new cool kid in town…

The alcohol marketing machine is a powerful beast, telling us constantly over a lifetime that drinking alcohol is how sophisticated grown-ups have fun. Guess what’s actually sophisticated? Learning how to build a complex, flavour-forward drink from the ground up, without relying on alcohol to give it that grown-up edge. You don’t have to be a teetotaler to enjoy a fine mock, though. There are plenty of reasons why you should be mocking up your beverage game…


Stop serving your sober friends tap water.


We drop a free mocktail a month around here, so get muddling already!

photo of a Scurvy Sour mocktail

Scurvy Sour

Let’s be clear. This citrus-forward sour won’t give you scurvy, but it sure will stop you from getting it. Because, in a world gone mad, who needs to worry about bulging eyeballs and rickets on top of everything else?

Turmeric Thyme Apple Pie

It’s true, people will probably mock you if you cave and order that snuggie you’ve had your eye on. This drink feels just as cozy, and is less of a crime against fleece and humanity.

Moonrise Over
Plum Bay

Put your pinky ring up to the moon, you bougie bastard! This is a drink for one of those silk pyjama days, when all you want is to do the New York Times crossword in bed while listening to public radio.

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