Mock-Ups Mocktails Winter 2021 Edition

Planning any long seafaring voyages soon? Best to drink one of these first…

Mock-Ups Mocktails Volume One (PDF)


Ever wanted to take a break from the sauce, but fear being sidelined? Stuck with your sad little soda pop, no longer in on the big joke? This recipe manual will help you kick that FOMO to the curb. Learning how to make a good, complex beverage without leaning on the crutch of alcohol is an essential bartending and hosting skill, whether or not you drink. With fourteen original recipes, there’s something in this guide for every palate: sweet, sour, salty and bitter — just in time for the dregs of the bitterest season. Flavours you can expect include stone and pome fruits, liquorice, dandelion root, persimmon, cinnamon, fennel, spruce, ginger, bacon and even rutabaga.

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